Vintage Memories Bundle 1

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Product Description

Vintage Memories Digital Scrapbook Bundle 1

The Vintage Memories Digital Scrapbook Bundle 1 includes vintage digital art stamps, word art phrases, and two typewriter key alpha sets which are the perfect way to accent your vintage family history and genealogy projects. Neutral in its color palette, these pieces will add depth and warmth to your project. Word art includes: There are two gifts we should give our is roots and the other is wings, Each photograph is a family story captured in a single moment, Stories of the past are treasures of the future, The moments we share together are the memories we keep forever, Families are what make life rich. Love is what binds us together. Joy is being surrounded by both., Families are forever, Our family roots, From small beginnings come great things, All because two people fell in love, scatter joy, through the years, Picture perfect memories, Portraits of the past, Our family tree, Letters of love, Faith, The study of family ancestral lines Genealogy, and Family. Bundle includes Vintage Memories Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Stamps, and Word Art.

Bundle Includes:
12 stamps, 18 word art pieces, 2 complete upper and lowercase alpha sets included as embellishments

Kits Included in the Bundle:
• Vintage Memories Alpha 1
 Vintage Memories Alpha 2
 Vintage Memories Stamps
 Vintage Memories Word Art