Latin American Adventure

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Product Description

Latin American Adventure Digital Scrapbook Kit

The Latin American Adventure Digital Scrapbook Kit is a diverse collection of digital art of Latin American embellishments, artifacts, and beautiful flora and fauna. If you have been meaning to document your memories from a trip to Central or South America or any of the Spanish/Portuguese speaking islands of the Caribbean, or are possibly planning a trip there soon, this collection is just what you need! This digital art collection has a natural color palette with vintage-looking maps and postage stamps but with modern pops of greens, pinks, and yellows. Included are many Latin American elements such as rain forest flora and fauna, tropical fruits, Aztec, Incan and Mayan artifacts, baskets, pottery, stone carvings, coffee beans, cigars, Guatemalan Worry Dolls, ethnic clothing, hats, instruments, masks and so much more. This kit covers Central and South America as well as the Spanish and Portuguese speaking settlements in the Caribbean Islands.

Kit Includes:
• 100 .png Embellishments