Home Renovation Elements Digital Scrapbook Kit

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Product Description

Home Renovation Elements Digital Scrapbook Kit

Get ready for some home improvement and remodeling with this Home Renovation digital art elements only kit. Perfect for documenting building a new home, renovations around your house, house painting, interior decorating, handyman work, architects, builders, interior designers, draftsmen, electricians, plumbers, construction, and more. Tools include backhoe, generator, breaker box, tools, bricks, framing, roof, caulking gun, dumpster, crane, paint swatches, fabric swatches, tile, flooring, wood planks, faucet, glass shower, glass windows, hard hat, insulation, ladder, outlet, paint brushes, blue painters tape, PVC pipe, plumbing, sawblades, screws, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, stairs, steel, toolbox, air duct, water lines, wheelbarrow, wire, cable, wood pallets, and more. This Home Renovation Elements kit is included in both the Home Renovation Kit and the Home Renovation Bundle. 

Kit Includes:
 100 Embellishments

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