Ornate Architecture Digital Scrapbook Bundle

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Product Description

Ornate Architecture Digital Scrapbook Bundle

The Ornate Architecture Digital Scrapbook Bundle features authentic digital art antique architectural stone artifacts, metal pieces, plus versatile granite and marble papers, clusters, frames, and an embellishment alpha set. Great for layering pieces on visits to the museum or vacations to historic sites. Features marble statues, architecture details such as arches, doors, windows, columns, stairs, balusters and railings, baptism font, stone fireplaces, topiaries, decorative architectural details, and more. 

Bundle Includes:
 100 Embellishments
• 20 Papers
• 6 Cluster Embellishments
• 10 Frame Embellishments
• All Uppercase and Lowercase Letters as Embellishments
• All Numbers and 29 Special Characters / Punctuation Embellishments

Kits Contained Within the Bundle:
• Ornate Architecture Clusters
 Ornate Architecture Frames
 Ornate Architecture Papers
 Ornate Architecture Elements
Ornate Architecture Alpha Set
Ornate Architecture Kit