Salmon: The Color of the Fall Season 2022

As we head into the fall, we’re inspired by pumpkins, sweaters, bonfires, and autumn leaves.

We look to find inspiration in colors that add freshness and energy and pair well with natural tones or vibrant accents.

Our color of the 2022 fall season is: Salmon. Salmon is a blend of pink with touches of orange that brings feelings of hope, health, and happiness.

Looking to make your color pop? Try pairing salmon with greens and blues which are a powerful complement. Right on trend, you’ll find shades of salmon showing up in runway fashion shows and home décor, setting the stage for a modern and memorable holiday.

Set yourself apart this season by sporting a new salmon-colored scarf or adding a splash of color to your walls or accent pillows. Even better, create chic new chic wall décor for yourself, send holiday cards to family and friends, and create memorable scrapbook pages that highlight the color of the season.

Whether you love classic or trendy, salmon is your go-to color this fall!

HEX #D07063
R208 G112 B99
C15 M67 Y59 K1