Vintage Memories Digital Scrapbook Bundle 3

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Product Description

Vintage Memories Digital Scrapbook Bundle 3

The Vintage Memories Digital Scrapbook Bundle 3 includes digital art vintage papers, folders, journals, vintage postcards, certificates, antique family documents, and other memorabilia are the perfect way to accent your family history and genealogy projects. Wonderful for stacking and layering with your own personal family photos. Fill out blank certificates - family records, marriage licenses, and baptism certificates - to create your own authentic look. Bundle includes Vintage Memories Journals, Letters, Memoirs, and Documents kits also sold separately. 

Bundle Includes:
 76 Embellishments

Kits Included in the Bundle:
• Vintage Memories Journals
 Vintage Memories Letters
 Vintage Memories Memoirs
 Vintage Memories Documents